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Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet the Karambit. Be Careful People Somebody Might Loose An Eye!!

This is called a Karambit or Kerambit. Many cultures in Asia have an implement with a similar shape as this weapon. Originating in Java the kerambit eventually reached what are now Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand.

Some cultures use blades shaped similar to this as farming tools; primarily used to cut rice and other crop foods for harvest. Necessity has occasionally forced these farmers to adapt the use of these blades and other farm tools for the purpose of self defense.

The karambit has also found a home in popular cinema. You have seen this versatile knife in movies like Ong Bak 2, The Punisher, and the movie "Taken" starring Liam Neeson.

With proper training this blade is devastating. Close quarter or with an extended reach, the Kerambit can deliver powerful slashing cuts or "rips" as well as serve to control an attacker by grabbing on to bones and appendages.

Like I always say regarding any weapon; A timid user equals a timid weapon. So if you plan on using a weapon of any kind for self defense, invest in proper training by a qualified instructor, then when the time comes to defend yourself, like they say in poker...All In!!


  1. It is difficult to use a weapon that you do not have a proper training of how to use it.

    You are now starting to create a unique blog and people having the same passion as yours will surely stop by and read. Keep it coming!

    I am on the first stage of learning about self defense.

  2. Taken was awesome. There has never been such a great concentration of throat-punches and neck chops ever in cinema history. And it was great.

  3. My dad actually forced me to learn more about how to use Kerambit. As you mentioned in your post, it is quite popular in Malaysia. In some rural area in Malaysia, Kerambit is still considered as sacred just like Keris and need to be treated well and with respect.

    I know it's famous in Malaysia and Indonesia, but I certainly don't know it's popular in other countries in South East Asia; such as in Philippines and Thailand. Thanks for sharing this information!

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  5. i don't know what karambit is. i learned it from your post.

  6. poor me...i'm a pinoy but not so much familiar with this Karambit :D

    eric a.k.a blogdemanila

  7. This knife is dangerous, good for self defense, gotta have it now because a lot of robbers were surveying my granpa's house.

    Zero Dramas

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